Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Present Customer Service and Expectations within Samsung Which Essay

The Present Customer Service and Expectations within Samsung Which Have Emerged From the Delivery of Superior Products and Services by the Organization - Essay Example In this paper, various strategies which could be applied by Samsung to deliver consistent as well as effectual customer services within the competitive marketplace will be evaluated. Apart from these strategies, this paper also provides certain recommendations which can be fruitful for the organization to sustain customer service excellence going forward. Customer service is regarded as a service stipulation which organizations’ deliver prior to and after a product purchase. Customer service involves a sequence of activities which are designed by an organization in order to enhance the level of customer satisfaction through delivering products and services as per the customers’ expectations. The significance of customer service may differ in terms of industry, a company’s products and services. It can be said that customer service is a kind of systematic process which is utilized in order to make certain that customer satisfaction is achieved by delivering produc ts as well as services according to the demands of the consumers. Due to this reason, a majority of the leading organizations are intending to execute the process of customer service effectively in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is considered as one of the globally leading advanced electronics based companies in terms of manufacturing digital media as well as superior communication systems. With the help of innovative, talented employees, dependable products and services along with making collaboration with their partners and clients, the company is taking the world into a whole new imaginative direction. At present, the company’s products, services along with the incorporation of its systematic approaches towards the operational activities have helped it to maintain specific business level activities which in turn have enabled it to contribute effectively towards the development of people throughout the world. The employee s of this company are always directed by the simple philosophy, effectual values and superior ethical standards which help them to work efficiently and to deliver better products and services to satisfy customers’ requirements.

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