Wednesday, February 26, 2020

How does films Crash, The Amistad and American History X describe and Essay

How does films Crash, The Amistad and American History X describe and debate integration in America today - Essay Example Naturally, racism itself is a complex term due to the fact that it is not one-sided or attributable to a singular group. The fact remains, as will be mentioned within this analysis, that racism easily crosses lines of color and can exhibit itself in a number of situations. As a means of analyzing such question, the author of this brief essay will analyze the way that three films represent the issues associated with racism: â€Å"Crash†, â€Å"Amistad†, and â€Å"American History X†. The first of the films which will be analyzed, entitled â€Å"Crash†, is perhaps the most complex analysis of racial issues within society. This is affected by the fact that rather than merely introducing the issue of race and expounding upon it within the story line, the filmmaker uses race and its interpretation between the various groups represented as vehicle of plot development and exploration. Moreover, by seeking to defined race and racism within the context of each of the different groups represented, white, black, and Latino, the viewer is made distinctly aware of the fact that a simple and convenient understanding of racism as being one-dimensional is not sufficient to comprehend the realities that are represented. This multidimensional representation of racism is useful due to the fact that society and filmmakers have traditionally only represented the issue from a given perspective (Sharma 2010). However, by representing the issue in a way that shows the give and take nature of race and racism within the society, the viewer is able to notice how traditional understandings of racism are ultimately encouraged and propagated by the views that â€Å"others† hold with relation to the topic. Accordingly, the second film that will be discussed, â€Å"Amistad†, relates the story of a slave uprising aboard a slave ship bound for the United States. This particular film represents well represents the moral bankruptcy of the practice of slavery as well as

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