Wednesday, January 22, 2020

THE BLACK PRINCE Essay -- Essays Papers

THE BLACK PRINCE Edward was born the eldest son of Edward III, king of England. For most of his life he was know as Edward of Woodstock, but we know him as the Black Prince. He was created duke of Cornwall in 1337, the first duke to be created in England, and prince of Wales in 1343. In 1355, he joined his father in the campaigns of the Hundred Years War, as his father's lieutenant. He established his reputation for valor at the battle of CrÈcy (1346) for his command of the right wing of the English army. At this time he was only the age of 16. It was probably the French who called him the Black Prince, because he wore black armor. This is assumed because the name was not recorded in England until the 16th century. In 1355 the Black Prince led an expedition into Aquitaine, and in 1356 he defeated and captured John II of France in the battle of . Edward became ruler of the newly created English principality of Aquitaine in 1363. In 1367 he went to the support of the Spanish king and temporarily restored him to his throne by the victory of NÂ ·jera. However, the expenses of the wa...

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